Earring Backs Support Patches for Wearing Earrings by HisJewelsCreations Premium Quality Ear Lift Lobe Lockers – 120 Patches

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About the product
  • FINALLY THE NO1 EARRING-SUPPORT ACCESSORY IS HERE! Facing trouble in wearing your favorite pairs of earrings because they burden your earlobes way too much? Well smile, because this is not a problem anymore!


  • FULL SUPPORT FOR YOUR EAR LOBES! From now own your earlobes have their own trusty supporting patches that will hold most of the earring’s weight, thus freeing your earlobe and reducing any discomfort!


  • YOU WILL FORGET YOU’RE WEARING THEM! Unlike some poorly designed, clearly visible patches of similar kind, our patches were specifically made with your best interest in mind; hence, they are very discreet, practically invisible!


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION! These patches we designed to be with you for a long time. All you need to do is use them according to the instructions and you won’t have to get new ones for months – or maybe even a year


  • ORDER TODAY WITH 100% CONFIDENCE! We back each and every one of our products. Plus you can free great about your purchase, as a portion of our sales goes towards helping Survivors of Human Trafficking.

Lobe Lockers Ear Lobe Support Patches for Earrings

Wear Your Favorite Studs Or Long Earrings For As Many Hours As You Like Thanks To These Amazing Ear Lift Support Patches Brought To You By HisJewelCreations!

Are you sick and tired of wishing you could wear all the earrings you love, but your ear lobes are torn and stretched, thus preventing you to do so?

Or perhaps your ears feel uncomfortable when wearing heavy, big-sized earrings?

Whichever the case, you should really keep on reading, because HisJewelCreations has designed exactly the thing you’re looking for! These amazing earlobe lift support patches will become your best friend!

A Superb Accessory That Every Woman, Or Even Man, Will Love!

Torn or stretched earlobes can really make you hesitate to wear your favorite set of long pearls or hanging earrings; but not anymore! These premium quality lift support patches are here to allow you to wear ANY kind of earring with ease and comfort – oh, and did we mention that they are also invisible?


Incredibly Easy To Use For Your Maximum Convenience!

Choose one of the two simple, super easy methods available for wearing them; both are included in the modern packaging!