Chandelier Pearl and Crystal Dangle Earrings for Women

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Earrings Measure:
Exquisite Filigree Chandelier Earrings Measure: 2 1/2" x 7/8" inches wide
Made by:
Meticulously wire-wrapped and Handmade in USA
Fanciful Silvertone Ornate Filigree Component
Included with an inspired saying..."You are a precious jewel" Zech. 9:16
Please note, these earrings are long (See photo)

Every woman’s wedding day is special and so should your jewelry be.

Sweet and feminine, the delicate flower glitters in Clear Crystal. The center of the flower is raised to form a beautiful 3D swirl effect.

Care for your jewelry can be cleaned with a delicate hand-washing detergent and water with a soft cloth, so as not to scratch any beads, crystal, and rhinestones.

The best way to clean the jewelry is to first spot clean with the soft cloth and a bit of the detergent, and then wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth (water).


  • ADD A TOUCH OF BEAUTY & LUXURY IN YOUR LIFE - Jewelry is the purest expression of beauty, style, and good taste - and you deserve nothing but the finest. With an elegant classic filigree design and a dazzling rhinestone flower at its center, these chandelier crystal earrings are exactly what you need to add that extra sparkle of luxury to your outfits!


  • LOSE YOURSELF IN THESE CHANDELIER CRYSTAL EARRINGS - Set in a delicate art deco filigree setting, this wonderful, bridal chandelier crystal setting is the beating heart of this elegant classic earring design, and it guarantees to draw all eyes on you! Luxury length finishes at 2” inches, suitable for proms, weddings, gifts and special occasions.


  • METICULOUSLY HANDMADE IN USA - When it comes to our pendants, earrings, bracelets, chandeliers, necklaces and other jewelry, we make a point of exclusively using top quality materials, as well as masterful craftsmanship and strict quality control.


  • JEWELRY AS UNIQUE & SPECIAL AS YOURSELF - What sets each of these wonderful Chandelier crystal earrings so far apart from any other jewelry you've ever worn, is the fact that these amazing crystal earrings are individually hand-crafted, and as unique as the person who wears them!