Violet Cushion Cut Square Stone Silver-Tone Crystal Earrings

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Classic Violet Lavender Crystal Earrings measure 12mm by 12mm
Elegant with:
Each piece is elegantly gift boxed.
Included with an inspired saying..."You are a precious jewel" Zech. 9:16.
Made place:
Uniquely made jewelry from our studio to your home.
  • ADD A TOUCH OF BEAUTY & LUXURY IN YOUR LIFE - Jewelry is the purest expression of beauty, style, and good taste - and you deserve nothing but the finest. With an elegant classic design and a dazzling cushion cut crystal at its center, these square stone crystal earrings are exactly what you need to add that extra sparkle of luxury to your outfits!
  • LOSE YOURSELF IN THESE CUSHION CUT CRYSTAL DROP DANGLE EARRINGS - Set in a delicate classic setting, this wonderful, cushion cut drop crystal is the beating heart of this elegant classic earring design, and it echos for attention to draw all eyes on you! These 12mm crystal stones measure 7/8” inches long.
  • METICULOUSLY HANDMADE IN USA - When it comes to our pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, and other women’s jewelry, we make a point of exclusively using top quality materials, as well as masterful craftsmanship and strict quality control.
  • JEWELRY AS UNIQUE & SPECIAL AS YOURSELF - What sets each of these wonderful square stone drop crystal earrings so far apart from any other jewelry you've ever worn, is the fact that these amazing crystal earrings are individually hand-crafted, and as unique as the person who wears them!
  • A BEAUTIFUL GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES! - Are you looking for an elegant, loving gift for one of the special ladies in your life? Well, you’ve just found one! This amazing cushion cut crystal earring is not just a great present every woman would love, it also comes luxuriously packaged in a beautiful gift box package!

Afford Yourself That Extra Sparkle That Will make Every Head Turn Your Way!

Do you like elegant, well-designed jewelry that accents the unique aspects of your looks and personality?

Looking for something unique and different to add to your bijoux and trinkets?


If that’s the case, then this premium Cushion Cut Crystal Earrings are elegantly fitting for you!

A Beautiful Handcrafted Work Of Art & Elegance - As Unique As You Are!

When it comes to jewelry - the purest expression of elegance, beauty, and good taste - we firmly believe there's no room for cutting corners.

Handcrafted with masterful skill and care, each of these beautiful radiant Cushion Cut Crystal Earrings are accented with new delicate art deco design.


With beauty and sparkle as unique as your personality, it's the perfect piece of jewelry for you!

Offer Your Better Half The Thoughtful Present She Deserves

If you're looking for a fitting, thoughtful birthday, wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's day gift for your significant other, these radiant timeless Cushion Cut Earrings are the perfect choice.

They come in a beautiful jewelry gift box, adorned with an inspired and beautiful saying, and your gift will make her eyes sparkle with joy!

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