Ruby Red Baroque Cut Vintage Earrings with Crystal from Swarovski

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Faceted Baroque Crystal with Crystals from Swarovski
Intricate Silver Filigree Casting
Silver-Tone Leverback for comfort wear
Length Finishes Approx. 1" inch

Ruby is the July birthstone color and is a deep, rich red color infused with highlights of pink that soften it to almost a brighter berry color, mixing well with Fuchsia and Burgundy. Swarovski Crystal Pendants have a timeless elegance that is essential for creating stylish and dynamic jewelry

The interplay of large and small facets is the hallmark of this cut. It is developed using state of the art technology and adapted to the specific product group: the result is optimal refraction, which intensifies the light and makes these crystals irresistibly attractive. The classic scroll-shaped silhouette of the Baroque Pendant adds an elegant and eye-catching touch.

All pieces are individually made with the finest cut of Swarovski crystals, pearls and rhinestones.

Jewelry is elegantly gift-boxed.

Included with an inspired saying..."You are a precious jewel" Zech. 9:16

We exist to help others...please know that a portion of the proceeds support shelter and education for survivors of Human Trafficking.

We are "Jewelry with a Purpose"

Care for your jewelry

Jewelry can be cleaned with a delicate hand-washing detergent and water with a soft cloth, so as not to scratch any beads, crystal, and rhinestones. The best way to clean the jewelry is to first spot clean with the soft cloth and a bit of the detergent, and then wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth (water).

Be sure to take off your Jewelry before applying hand and body creams.