Paradise Shine Baroque Crystal Silver-tone Filigree Vintage Pendant Necklace

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Ornate Fanciful Filigree Crystal Pendant measures approximately 1 1/4" Long
Adjustable Finish Length from 18" inches to 20" inches Long
Included with an inspired saying..."You are a precious jewel" Zech. 9:16.
Made by:
Meticulously wire-wrapped and Handmade in USA
Elegant with:
Each piece is elegantly gift boxed.

Stunningly joyful, this new multicolored surface effect truly lives up to the name crystal paradise shine.

Bold shades such as purple, blue and green are combined to create an explosion of color that is as vibrant and energetic as it is artistic. It can also be blended with other hues on the cool spectrum for a sophisticated "light on the ocean" effect--or contrast it with warm tones of red, orange and yellow for amazing, high-color designs that demand attention.

Care for your jewelry can be cleaned with a delicate hand-washing detergent and water with a soft cloth, so as not to scratch any beads, crystal, and rhinestones. 

The best way to clean the jewelry is to first spot clean with the soft cloth and a bit of the detergent, and then wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth (water).