Multi-Color Aqua and Crystal Blue Shade Chaton Crystal Tennis Style Bracelet

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Exquisite Chaton Crystal Bracelet Measures: 6 1/2" - 7 3/4" long
Made by:
Meticulously wire-wrapped and Handmade in USA
Elegant with:
Jewelry is elegantly gift boxed.
Included with an inspired saying..."You are a precious jewel" Zech. 9:16

Almost everyone enjoys looking into a blue sky and across a lake or the sea, because there is something calming about an expanse of blue. It appears to free the mind.

Designed with calming blues to ease the mind captivates the most sacred mood.

Enjoy our uniquely made jewelry from our studio to your home.

Care for your jewelry can be cleaned with a delicate hand-washing detergent and water with a soft cloth, so as not to scratch any beads, crystal, and rhinestones. 

The best way to clean the jewelry is to first spot clean with the soft cloth and a bit of the detergent, and then wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth (water).