Bermuda Blue Teardrop Gold-Tone Filigree Pendant Necklace with Crystals from Swarovski

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Ornate Gold-Tone Filigree Crystal Pendant Measures: 1 1/4" by 1/2".Finish adjusts approximately: 18" inches by 20" inches Long
Made by:
Meticulously wire-wrapped and Handmade in USA
Each piece comes with an inspired saying..."You are a Precious Jewel" Zech 9:16
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A timeless casting punctuated with illuminating crystals to adorn the most sacred neckline.

Crystal Bermuda Blue is a complex effect where half of the bead is a dark grey color and the other half combines lighter and darker shades of vibrant royal blue tones.

Care for your jewelry can be cleaned with a delicate hand-washing detergent and water with a soft cloth, so as not to scratch any beads, crystal, and rhinestones. 

The best way to clean the jewelry is to first spot clean with the soft cloth and a bit of the detergent, and then wipe softly with a slightly damp cloth (water).